2. gladtoknowcha:

    Roberto Ferri - Tristezze Della Luna, 2003 (detail)

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  5. ex0skeletal:

    by Roberto Ferri

  6. marie-antoinettes:

    endless list of favourite paintings ♔ 5/∞

    Les Adieux de Télémaque et d’Eucharis (1818) - Jacques Louis David

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  7. hallsemporium:

    Honest Ads reveal what consumers really think via Design Taxi

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    A series of paintings by American artist Alex Gross articulates ideas about branding, globalization, love, and consumption in his new show “Product Placement.” (via Designboom)

  9. enochliew:

    Kama Sutra by Malika Favre

    This cover was rejected by Penguin for being too tame and not sexy enough.

  10. cosascool:

    POPBottles  by Anna Utopia Giordano